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Now displaying: February, 2023
Feb 28, 2023

Donna Saul, Sarina Rizzo, and Robyn Achey talked about changing your relationship with discomfort, negotiating flux, basic principles to pull you through, and some tools of the trade that are beneficial for everyone.

Feb 27, 2023

Donna Saul, Eagle Skyfire, and Sarina Rizzo discussed how to get comfortable while living in flux by building resilience, resourcefulness, hopefulness, and optimism. 

Feb 24, 2023

In honor of Black History Month, we interview Dr. Richelle Foreman-Gunter, a local therapist and ordained minister, on her recent research on racial trauma – what it is, the impact that it has on both the brain and the body, ways to begin healing, as well as the Chester County Racial Trauma & Resiliency Collaborative’s efforts in providing resources and support to Black people in Chester County who are experiencing racial trauma.

Feb 24, 2023

Philly based Heavy Metal Blues band, Midnight Marauders, joins Onyx & Honey. 

Feb 23, 2023

Donna Saul, Karen Wieder, and Sarina Rizzo talked the art of compromise, boundaries when taking a stand, and the role chakras and gemstones can play in helping navigate both.

Feb 22, 2023

Whether you’re on your lunch break or coffee break, take a Book Break with Sarina Rizzo and Lauren Beachy. This is a new show on WCHE where we review popular novels, and go over the dynamics and concepts within the books we read.

Feb 21, 2023

Donna Saul, Robyn Achey, and Sarina Rizzo talked how animals teach us compromise and how to know when we're out of balance.

Feb 21, 2023

Donna Saul, Eagle Skyfire, and Sarina Rizzo talk about knowing when to stand and when to compromise- how to pick your battles, how to compromise, and how to better communicate to create a win-win.

Feb 17, 2023

This episode is packed with live jams in-studio and talking shop with the Muskrat Flats, including their upcoming show on 2/24/23!

Feb 17, 2023

Donna Saul, Karen Wieder, and Sarina Rizzo talked how to master transitions, how to determine what no longer serves you and always always always gratitude.

Feb 16, 2023

Amie Potsic will interview Steven CW Taylor, software engineer, 
gallerist, and contemporary fine art photographer about his work 
documenting and archiving the African-American experience today.

Born and raised in the East Germantown section of Philadelphia, PA, this photographer makes it his business to provide his community with access to Fine Art “without the need to travel to more affluent spaces”.  
Having traveled to 18 countries, and 4 US National Parks, it is 
important for Steven to share his photography intentionally with his community. He is the founding artist and curator of Ubuntu Fine Art 
-Philadelphia’s first and only Fine Art Photography Gallery of a single 


Feb 14, 2023

Donna Saul, Robyn Achey, and Sarina Rizzo talk how to move through change when change is upon you- either by choice or by chance.

Feb 13, 2023

Donna Saul, Eagle Skyfire, and Sarina Rizzo talked pinpointing your core values, protecting yourself against con artists and toxic people when you're vulnerable, and the reasons you attract toxic people.

Feb 10, 2023

Donna Saul, Sarina Rizzo, and Cari Heumann talk about the psychological impact of change and how to manage it for your benefit.

Feb 10, 2023

Special Guest Mike Hoff, Artist, Comedian, Poet, and mental health advocate shares his poetry and stories with us!

Feb 7, 2023

Donna Saul, Robyn Achey, and Sarina Rizzo talk grounding how-to and easy tips on expanding your calm in a chaotic world.

Feb 6, 2023

In this week of staying grounded through life changes, Donna Saul and Eagle Skyfire talked about how to remain stable in a crisis, the importance of rituals, and how to set a plan moving forward in times of flux.

Feb 3, 2023

New Episode with Marc Singer! You may have heard Marc's name when talking about local Dead cover band "Steal Your Peach". Get a closer look into what has drove Marc's passion for music over the years!

Feb 2, 2023

Donna Saul and Karen Wieder talk about finding joy by building relationships off of your personality type.